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Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Foundation receives pledge from Rotary


MADISONVILLE, KY — Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Foundation has been awarded a gift from Madisonville Rotary Club to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Baptist Health Deaconess.

“The mission of Rotary Club revolves around serving our youth,” said Brian Jones, Rotary president. “The partnership we are forging with Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Foundation allows us to not only serve the children in our community through programs such as Build a Bed and Rotary Football, but to now begin supporting them from the moment they take their first breath. We could not be more excited to spread the reach of Rotary and begin providing hope and health to families as they expand not only in Madisonville, but in Hopkins County and the surrounding regional area.”

Funding from the Rotary Club will be invested in a Giraffe OmniBed Carestation. From delivery to discharge, this device is designed to address the changing and complex demands of the NICU by utilizing advanced technology to provide supportive, family-centered solutions.

“Grateful doesn’t begin to express how we feel over the generous donation from Rotary Club in support of your littlest patients,” said Lydia Long, director of labor and delivery. “This gift will allow for our providers to have the tools that they need to provide the highest level of care for our NICU babies. We are blessed to have a local organization that believes in what we are doing and is passionate about investing in the future of our community by helping those who will shape it.”

The seamless healing microenvironment created by the OmniBed offers consistently-controlled thermal environments, improved patient access and visibility and reliable clinical performance. The new addition to the NICU is estimated to be available in the new year.

“As a Foundation, we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the level of care our physicians and clinicians are able to provide to our patients, but there is something especially rewarding when those enhancements are able to impact infants who need extra attention and care to begin to thrive,” said Austin Elliott, director of philanthropy.

For more information, please contact Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Foundation at 270-825-5783.

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