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COVID-19 Vaccine

Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville is no longer administering the COVID-19 vaccine.
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Scheduling Your Vaccine Using Kentucky’s Phased Approach
We, at Baptist Health Deaconess appreciate your support and cooperation as we distribute the COVID-19 vaccination through Kentucky’s phased approach process.  The vaccine will be made available in four phases in Kentucky:
  • Phase 1A: Long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, Kentucky healthcare personnel.
  • Phase 1B: First responders, anyone 70 or older, K-12 school personnel, childcare workers.
  • Phase 1C: Anyone 60 or older, anyone 16 or older with CDC highest risk COVID-19 conditions, all essential workers.
  • Phase 2: Anyone 40 or older.
  • Phase 3: Anyone 12 or older.
  • Phase 4: Children under the age of 12 if the vaccine is approved for this age group.

*Baptist Health Deaconess requires anyone under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A valid photo ID and insurance card for the minor must be presented.
If you meet the current criteria, you may schedule an appointment online to be vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are only approved for people 16 years of age or older. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  

These criteria are being further adapted to local circumstances. We recommend you check back regularly to see if/when criteria is adapted for your care location. 

Considerations When Scheduling Your Vaccine

Please keep in mind the following considerations when scheduling your vaccine appointment:

  1. Schedule only during your phase. Kentucky’s phased approach is in place to prioritize those most vulnerable to severe cases of COVID-19 based on what is currently known about how the disease impacts individuals. We appreciate your cooperation in scheduling your vaccination appointment only when your phase is eligible for vaccination. For additional information on Kentucky guidelines, please visit or call the state COVID-19 Hotline at 855-598-2246 for assistance or general questions about the vaccine (Monday-Friday, 8 am-7 pm ET). 

  2. Schedule at a local facility. Schedule your vaccine in your county, or if a vaccine site is not available in your county, in a neighboring county. Efforts are being made to distribute vaccines fairly across all regions. Receiving your vaccine locally will assist in supporting the availability of vaccines across all of Kentucky. To view the most up-to-date list of health care facilities administering the vaccine in Kentucky, visit

  3. Be ready to verify your age. Vaccine distribution sites will verify your age prior to your receiving the vaccine. Please be prepared to present your driver’s license of another form of up-to-date photo identification. This will help us to confirm your identify and ensure you are in appropriate phase for vaccine distribution at the appropriate time

  4. Be ready to verify your Kentucky healthcare worker status. Kentucky healthcare personnel are eligible to receive the vaccination as part of Phase 1A. Please bring verification of your healthcare worker status in the state of Kentucky to your appointment. Please note that only healthcare workers currently working within the state of Kentucky are eligible under Phase 1A in Kentucky

  5. Come prepared to your appointment. To help make the vaccination process as smooth and efficient as possible, please bring all necessary documentation for verification to your appointment. This documentation includes anything that verifies your identification and phase of vaccination, such as:

    1. Photo ID showing your current age

    2. Kentucky healthcare worker status verification

    3. Kentucky first responder or essential worker verification 

    4. Documentation of a CDC identified high-risk condition

*Please note that Baptist Health Deaconess cannot ensure a vaccination to those who fail to provide needed or adequate documentation.

The community vaccination process will take several months to complete. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work toward vaccinating as many people as possible. 

If you have questions about whether to be immunized for COVID-19, talk with your provider. He or she will have an informed perspective on your situation and can provide guidance on if, when, and how to be vaccinated.
Stay Updated
The number of vaccination appointments Baptist Health Deaconess can offer will depend upon the amount of vaccines we receive. We encourage you to check this page regularly to stay aware of appointments as they become available. We appreciate your patience and support as we work together toward our common goal of vaccination for all who are eligible, and to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

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