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Salaries and Benefits

We are proud to offer a competitive compensation package. Please explore the benefits available to you that are listed below in addition to the outstanding education.


  • First Year - $55,620
  • Second Year - $57,165
  • Third Year - $58,710

All residents are provided lunch at noon conferences Monday through Friday. All residents receive a meal allowance of $75 every two weeks.


Health Insurance
Baptist Health Deaconess will pay for the Resident's basic plan for single and family coverage by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance
Residents are offered Dental and Vision Insurance, single and family coverage at the expense of the Resident.

Professional Liability Insurance
Baptist Health Deaconess pays the full premium for all residents.

Baptist Health Deaconess pays for long term disability insurance for each Resident. It has a 180 day elimination period.

Life Insurance
Baptist Health Deaconess pays for each Resident's Life Insurance Policy. This policy is term life which would be paid in the amount of one times the Resident's annual salary if the death is of natural causes, double if death is an accident.

Residents can enroll in our 403(b) Thrift Savings Plan with Fidelity after 60 days of employment. Following the first year of employment, residents will qualify for an employer match of 50% of employee contributions up to a maximum match of 3%. Vesting schedule applies. 

All residents receive three 7-day blocks of vacation and three sick days.

Continuing Medical Education
All residents receive 5 days of Continuing Medical Education Days each year.

All residents receive Continuing Medical Education Allowance each year based on their training year.

PGY1 - $1,500
PGY2 - $1,800
PGY3 - $2,100

CME allowance can be used toward the cost of USMLE exams, FCVS, licensure, educational materials and conferences.

PALS, ACLS, BLS courses are provided to all residents at the expense of the Residency Program. Although ATLS is not a program requirement, it can be taken by using CME funds or at resident's expense.

Other Benefits
All residents are provided with a free membership to the local YMCA with 24 hour access.

Educational Resources
A Technology Stipend of $400 is provided to all interns. This stipend can be used toward an iPhone, iPad or a device that is compatible with the residency's New Innovations Program.

Ability to purchase textbooks at a reduced rate is available through our hospital library.

Transitional Expenses
All interns are given a one-time transitional expense of $1,200 to help with the cost of relocation.

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