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Preclinical Program

To date, the summer prematriculation and preclinical programs have allowed 324 M-1 and M-2 students to get an introduction to rural practice. At the point of the last published report, 90 percent of these students who had entered residencies chose primary care (1). In addition, since 1999 these students have completed a rural community assessment as part of their summer activities (2). 

The 3 week summer Preclinical Program is an opportunity for U of L Trover Rural Track medical students to gain clinical experience prior to entering their M-2 academic year design and implement a large community based health screening project.

Students are involved in classroom activities that begin to prepare them for the clinical setting. This curriculum is hands-on training that teaches the students various clinical skills and the details of the physical examination. Physician preceptors provide shadowing opportunities. A focus on providing free physical exams in the community has been added with about 80 examinations provided free to 6th graders and kindergarteners each summer.

Preclinical Group Activities

  • Overview of Patient Evaluation
  • Well Baby Exam
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Breast Exam
  • Suturing Lab
  • Prostate/Rectal Exam
  • Heart and Breath Sounds
  • Sports Physical Exam
  • Video otoscopy


  1. Brooks B, Crump B, Martin D. Community Assessment Using the Key Informant Method: A Snapshot of Some Rural Communities from the Perspective of Community Leaders. Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association 2000; 98:27-30.
  2. Crump WJ, Fricker RS, Fisher SM, Nair RS.  A Glimpse of the Transition of Care from Free Clinic to Medicaid. The Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians. Winter 2016; 87:8-10.
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