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Scheduled Video Visit

Scheduled video visit appointments are scheduled by provider offices for consultation and treatment with primary care providers and specialists for patients age 2 and older, whether at home, in the office or while away from home.

What is a Scheduled Video Visit?
Baptist Health Deaconess scheduled appointment video visits are an easy way to see your provider whenever your provider's office is open. A scheduled video visit with your provider can be used for a wide variety of visit types, as determined by your provider.

The cost of a scheduled video visit is the same as the cost would be in person. Your insurance will be billed for this visit and collect a co-pay per your insurance. Any portion not covered by your insurance plan will be billed and collected after the visit. You can pay the bill via MyChart or a bill will be mailed to you. 

Guide to Scheduled Video Visits
Baptist Health Deaconess scheduled video visits allows you to securely receive care, diagnosis and treatment via your smartphone, tablet or computer with a working camera. If you are interested in a scheduled appointment video visit, please contact your provider via MyChart or by calling your provider's office.

What you will need for a scheduled video visit:

MyChart and Zoom are required for any video visit completed through MyChart

Benefits of a Scheduled Video Visit

Benefits of scheduled video visits include:

  • Access anywhere via your MyChart account on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Appointments available when your PCP or specialist office is open.
  • Private, easy to use and secure.
  • Affordable cost. 

Scheduled Appointment Video Visits
Each visit provides you access to: 

  • Secure medical visits with Baptist Health Deaconess, regardless of your location.
  • Video visits with a provider through your own smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Accessible and affordable treatment for common conditions.

How to Get Started with a Scheduled Video Visit

  1. Log into MyChart. If you aren’t already using MyChart, your provider sent you an instant activation link when you set your video appointment.
  2. If you are on a mobile device, be sure you have downloaded the Zoom app
    1. Mobile App Video Visit Step by Step Instructions 
    2. Computer Video Visit Step by Step Instructions
    3. Guía para Video Consulta desde tu Móvil
    4. Guía para Video Consulta desde tu Ordenador
  3. For more detailed instructions on how to get started, download one of the PDFs for the device you plan to use for your video visit.
  4. Select “Visits” – do not confuse your appointment with an Urgent Care Video Visit.   
  5. Select your Video Appointment  
  6. Log into MyChart 15 minutes early to complete the eCheck-In process.  
  7. Your provider will appear within the Zoom screen shortly.
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