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Baptist Health Madisonville Gifted Painting by Local Artist


An anonymous donor has purchased "Pandemic Heroes Heartache," a painting by local Madisonville artist Tonia Leal and donated it to the staff of Baptist Health Madisonville.

The donor stated it was given as a symbol that our local community recognizes the tremendous effort and care our frontline workers are giving every day.Tonia Artwork Donation

Baptist Health Madisonville President Robert Ramey said, “To receive a gift like this is humbling.  The team was really surprised by the gesture, and I have heard from a few of them already that it has renewed their spirits.” 

Ramey presented the gift to the staff during a Town Hall virtual meeting this week. “Our staff are weary as we continue to see the cases climbing and the acuity of patients getting more serious.  To know that the efforts and sacrifices of our team are recognized is uplifting during this difficult and frustrating resurgence of Covid-19,” added Ramey. 

The painting, titled "Pandemic Heroes Heartache" was created in May of 2020 by Leal. The artist's statement reads:

To create this piece, I used one brush and one pallet knife for the entire painting on an imperfect canvas. I did this keeping in mind the shortage of PPE we saw at the beginning of this long, and sometimes overwhelming, pandemic that we are still battling. These are the heroes over and over again.  These are the ones caring for our loved ones in their sickest moments, and too often watching them slip away. For their heartbreaking and heroic acts, we should all be grateful.

“The painting will be prominently displayed within the hospital for all to enjoy, and receive encouragement from, as we continue to provide care and healing for our community no matter the battle before us,” stated Ramey.

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