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Alan's Cancer Story

What Does it Mean to Receive Cancer Care Close to Home? Ask Alan.

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, staying home for treatment wasn’t a hard decision for Alan Vincent. In fact, he considered himself fortunate that he could be treated so close to home at Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville, just 30 minutes from his hometown of Greenville, Kentucky.

“Cancer was hard enough,” Alan said. “Staying close to home meant my family could come see me when I was in the hospital. It meant I could sleep in my own bed during the worst months of chemotherapy. It meant my dogs could be at my feet as I recovered.”

After finding a lump on his neck, the process toward treatment moved quickly. After the tumor and his thyroid were removed, Alan began chemotherapy and received advanced radiation treatment using a medical linear accelerator (LINAC).

The LINAC delivers high-energy X-rays or electrons directly to a tumor, destroying cancer cells while sparing surrounding tissue.

During his treatment, Alan appreciated being in the care and presence of his family. His wife is a nurse, and his oldest son will graduate from nursing school this year.

“They did a lot of research and made sure I ate healthy food,” Alan said. “Especially when you’re recovering, sometimes the best way to heal is to be bossed around by people who love you. Being with my wife and two sons made everything easier.”

Beyond the perks of home life, Alan said he feels he received equal — if not better — care than he would have received in a bigger city.

“From the doctors, to the nurses, to the reception desk, everyone at Madisonville was helpful and thorough,” Alan said. “Why leave home when we’ve got such great care right here?”

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