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For Referring Physicians

At Baptist Health Deaconess, we embrace collaboration and cooperation. We share our knowledge and expertise with you and your patients and welcome any inquiries or requests for second opinions that you or your staff may have.

We offer:

  • Expertise: Our team includes orthopedic surgeons, a certified hand therapist and sports medicine-trained physical therapists. Learn more about our orthopedic services.
  • Infant and newborn care: We are one of the only resources in the area that offers orthopedic care for infants and newborns, including treatment for developmentally delayed infants and premature babies.
  • Specialty care for women: We are the only resource in the area to address the specialized therapeutic needs of women after pregnancy and childbirth. In fact, we are the only practice in the surrounding area that offers postpartum sacroiliac realignment.
  • Surgical specialization: Our expertise is in spinal, knee and shoulder surgeries. 

Learn more about our sports medicine and rehabilitation services.

How to Refer a Patient
If you have any questions regarding diagnosis or treatment, or would like to refer a patient, we will accommodate you with prompt service and open communication.

Contact us at:
General orthopedics: 270-824-6655 
Pediatric care: 270-825-5166

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