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Baptist Health Deaconess has always been committed to the highest standards of individual and organizational ethical and legal conduct. This commitment reflects our belief that the best way for BHD to fulfill its Mission is for its personnel and representatives to be honest, ethical, and fair in our business practices and personal behavior.

The BHD Corporate Responsibility Program was approved by the BHD Board in 2021, reaffirming our commitment to adherence to ethical and legal standards.

The BHD Corporate Responsibility Program is designed to:

  • Communicate the commitment of Baptist Health Deaconess to compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical business practices;

  • Familiarize personnel, contractors, agents, and medical staff members with the basic legal principles and standards of behavior expected in the workplace;

  • Promote the prevention, detection, and resolution of illegal or unethical conduct.

Have a Compliance Question?
The BHD Compliance Department assists and advises its employees on compliance matters and internal controls that promote adherence to legal and ethical standards. For questions, you can reach the BHD Corporate Compliance Department by calling 270-825-5629.

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